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The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) database is used by Federal agencies to continuously manage an average of 1,000 advisory committees government-wide. This database is also used by the Congress to perform oversight of related Executive Branch programs and by the public, the media, and others, to stay abreast of important developments resulting from advisory committee activities. Although centrally supported by the General Services Administration's Committee Management Secretariat, the database represents a true "shared system" wherein each participating agency and individual committee manager has responsibility for providing accurate and timely information that may be used to assure that the system's wide array of users has access to data required by FACA.

Due to the migration of the FACA database in FY18 to the Salesforce platform, all datasets (beginning with FY18) will only be in a Microsoft Excel format.  135194135 bytes  3538473 bytes
FACAData97-17.accdb.accdb  909086720 bytes
FACAMemberList2018.csv  22147924 bytes  3668039 bytes
FACAMemberList2017.csv  30956251 bytes  7945289 bytes  7325559 bytes
FACAMemberList2016.csv  29359755 bytes  7504005 bytes
FACAMemberList2015.csv  20365039 bytes  7176361 bytes
FACAMemberList2014.csv  18057408 bytes  7363902 bytes
FACAMemberList2013.csv  17926430 bytes  7725389 bytes
FACAMemberList2012.csv  19557880 bytes  7447929 bytes
FACAMemberList2011.csv  24779220 bytes  6827530 bytes
FACAMemberList2010.csv  26569622 bytes  6960267 bytes
FACAMemberList2009.csv  30558539 bytes
FACAMemberList2008.csv  28271042 bytes  6916534 bytes  6892730 bytes
FACAMemberList2007.csv  28629430 bytes  14113527 bytes
FACAMemberList2006.csv  25204773 bytes  6917554 bytes
FACAMemberList2005.csv  25887697 bytes  6689960 bytes
FACAMemberList2004.csv  23398076 bytes  6446151 bytes
FACAMemberList2003.csv  21578660 bytes  5426204 bytes
FACAMemberList2002.csv  20260370 bytes  5202629 bytes
FACAMemberList2001.csv  18458019 bytes
FACAMemberList2000.csv  17044122 bytes  49356620 bytes  4380564 bytes
FACAMemberList1999.csv  16158785 bytes  4028082 bytes
FACAMemberList1998.csv  13760195 bytes  3613925 bytes
FACAMemberList1997.csv  12251105 bytes