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Department of Energy

Charter Dates Report

22 Records Retrieved

Charter Date
Committee Number
Committee Name
20200828 08/28/2020453Secretary of Energy Advisory Board
20200824 08/24/202029148Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee
20200807 08/07/202034749Electricity Advisory Committee
20200724 07/24/2020459State Energy Advisory Board
20200724 07/24/202084595National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee
20200413 04/13/202080470Appliance Standards and Rulemaking Federal Advisory Committee
20200410 04/10/20201889Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board
20200117 01/17/202012Environmental Management Advisory Board
20200108 01/08/2020452National Petroleum Council
20191211 12/11/2019445Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee
20191211 12/11/20195227Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee
20191120 11/20/2019449National Coal Council
20191115 11/15/20191228President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
20191018 10/18/201910671Methane Hydrate Advisory Committee
20190927 09/27/20191176DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee
20190809 08/09/2019178High Energy Physics Advisory Panel
20190802 08/02/2019444Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee
20190726 07/26/2019133Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee
20190628 06/28/20195298Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee
20190512 05/12/201910674Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee
20190208 02/08/201983065Defense Programs Advisory Committee
19900518 05/18/1990461Technical Panel on Magnetic Fusion

Committees in Groups Report

6 Records Retrieved

Group Name
Committee Name
Committee No
Fiscal Year
DOE--DOE--Energy EfficiencyHydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee291482020
DOE--DOE--Energy EfficiencyBiomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee106742020
DOE--DOE--ScienceFusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee4442020
DOE--DOE--ScienceAdvanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee52982020
DOE--DOE--ScienceDOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee11762020
DOE--DOE--ScienceBasic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee1332020

Subcommittees Report

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