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Election Assistance Commission

Charter Dates Report

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Charter Date
Committee Number
Committee Name
20190413 04/13/201921509Technical Guidelines Development Committee
20190413 04/13/201921504EAC Board of Advisors
20190413 04/13/201921503EAC Standards Board

Committees in Groups Report

No Committees In Groups Report

Subcommittees Report

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Agency Abbr
Committee No
Committee Name
Subcommittee Name
EAC21503EAC Standards BoardExecutive Board
EAC21504EAC Board of AdvisorsVoting Systems Standards
EAC21504EAC Board of AdvisorsBy Laws
EAC21504EAC Board of AdvisorsDefining Issues of Voting System Sustainability
EAC21503EAC Standards BoardBylaws
EAC21504EAC Board of AdvisorsEstablishment of the Help America Vote Foundation
EAC21503EAC Standards BoardNominating

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