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Department of Housing and Urban Development

Charter Dates Report

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Charter Date
Committee Number
Committee Name
20200917 09/17/202013874Manufactured Housing Concensus Committee
20200502 05/02/20202570Moving to Work Research Federal Advisory Committee
20200502 05/02/20202492Housing Counseling Federal Advisory Committee

Committees in Groups Report

No Committees In Groups Report

Subcommittees Report

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4 Records Retrieved

Agency Abbr
Committee No
Committee Name
Subcommittee Name
HUD13874Manufactured Housing Concensus CommitteeTechnical Structure and Design
HUD13874Manufactured Housing Concensus CommitteeRegulatory Enforcement
HUD13874Manufactured Housing Concensus CommitteeGeneral
HUD13874Manufactured Housing Concensus CommitteeTechnical Systems

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