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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Charter Dates Report

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Charter Date
Committee Number
Committee Name
20191017 10/17/20191071NASA Advisory Council
20190930 09/30/201927808International Space Station Advisory Committee
20190802 08/02/2019136Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
20190612 06/12/20192597Earth Science Advisory Committee
20190612 06/12/20192598Heliophysics Advisory Committee
20190612 06/12/20192596Astrophysics Advisory Committee
20190612 06/12/20192599Planetary Science Advisory Committee
20190503 05/03/201929124National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Advisory Board
20181130 11/30/201880519Applied Sciences Advisory Committee
20171206 12/06/20172630National Space Council Users’ Advisory Group
20171006 10/06/201770424International Space Station National Laboratory Advisory Committee

Committees in Groups Report

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Group Name
Committee Name
Committee No
Fiscal Year
NASA--NASA--NASA1NASA Advisory Council10712020
NASA--NASA--NASA1Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel1362020

Subcommittees Report

Note: Current year information is not verified until the end of the calendar year.

7 Records Retrieved

Agency Abbr
Committee No
Committee Name
Subcommittee Name
NASA1071NASA Advisory CouncilNAC - Regulatory and Policy Committee
NASA1071NASA Advisory CouncilNAC - Aeronautics Committee
NASA1071NASA Advisory CouncilNAC - Science Committee
NASA2597Earth Science Advisory CommitteeEarth Science Senior Review Subcommittee
NASA1071NASA Advisory CouncilNAC - STEM Engagement Committee
NASA1071NASA Advisory CouncilNAC - Technology, Innovation and Engineering Committee
NASA1071NASA Advisory CouncilNAC - Human Exploration and Operations Committee

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