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Committee Detail

Note: An Annual Comprehensive Review, as required by §7 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, is conducted each year on committee data entered for the previous fiscal year (referred to as the reporting year). The data for the reporting year is not considered verified until this review is complete and the data is moved to history for an agency/department. See the Data From Previous Years section at the bottom of this page for the committee’s historical, verified data.

FCC - 10672 - FCC Consumer Advisory Committee - Agency Authority


Committee NameFCC Consumer Advisory CommitteeAgency NameFederal Communications Commission
Fiscal Year2020Committee Number10672
Original Establishment Date11/19/2001Committee StatusChartered
Actual Termination Date Committee URL
New Committee This FYNoPresidential Appointments*No
Terminated This FYNoMax Number of Members*Unlimited
Current Charter Date10/16/2020Designated Fed Officer Position Title*DFO
Date Of Renewal Charter10/16/2022Designated Federal Officer Prefix
Projected Termination Date Designated Federal Officer First Name*Scott
Exempt From Renewal*NoDesignated Federal Officer Middle Name
Specific Termination Authorityn/aDesignated Federal Officer Last Name*Marshall
Establishment Authority*Agency AuthorityDesignated Federal Officer Suffix
Specific Establishment Authority*Approval from FCC ChairmanDesignated Federal Officer Phone*(202) 418-2809
Effective Date Of Authority*7/20/2020Designated Federal Officer Fax*202-418-0037
Exempt From EO 13875 Discretionary CmteExempt: Independent Regulatory AgencyDesignated Federal Officer Email*
Committee Type*Continuing
Committee Function*National Policy Issue Advisory Board


Agency Recommendation*Continue
Legislation to Terminate RequiredNo
Legislation StatusNot Applicable
How does cmte accomplish its purpose?*The Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) was established to provide specific recommendations to the FCC on issues specified by the Commission including matters of interest to consumers with in the Commission's jurisdiction. Issues include, but are not limited to, billing (cramming/slamming), robocalls, consumer disclosures, lifeline/linkup programs, outreach to underserved populations, access to and participation in the Commission's proceedings, products and services, and the impact of new and emerging technologies on consumers including underserved populations. The Committee will evaluate the many demands that are placed on telecommunications, broadcast/cable, and other regulated services, and the impact of these services on the Commission's varied constituencies. Because many segments of the telecommunications and broadcast industries, consumer advocates, disability advocates, and regulators are represented in the Committee membership, CAC presents an ideal forum to address these issues.
How is membership balanced?*The Consumer Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives of both the private and public sectors, including non-profit consumer and disability advocacy organizations, regulators, and underserved populations. Members were selected to represent a broad and balanced viewpoint so that the many voices of the Commission's many constituencies can be heard.
How frequent & relevant are cmte mtgs?*The Committee conducted four plenary meetings during the fiscal year 2020, the latter two meetings were conducted remotely online. subcommittees or working groups met on numerous occasions during the year, in person or via teleconference and e-mail discussion groups between plenary meetings to develop recommendations for the full Committee.
Why advice can't be obtained elsewhere?*The Federal Communications Commission does not always have the expertise and the resources to obtain and evaluate information from all sectors of the telecommunications and media arenas. As a Federal advisory committee, CAC presents an ideal forum to bring together in one setting the many different voices of these sectors. Also, because CAC has a broad and balanced membership, it frequently leads to a broad discussion of issues and needs rather than a discussion dominated by specific interests. Consequently, the FCC will benefit from CAC's recommendations that express a consensus position reflecting a diverse Committee membership.
Why close or partially close meetings?All meetings of the full Committee are open to the public and are broadcast whenever possible with captioning on the internet.
Recommendation RemarksThe Committee was originally chartered in November of 2000 as the Consumer/Disability Telecommunications Advisory Committee (C/DTAC). Upon its re-chartering in November of 2002, the Committee changed its name to the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) to better reflect its scope and mission. The Committee was thereafter renewed biannually, most recently in October 2020, and is now in its 11th, two-year term. The CAC currently consists of 29 volunteer members who serve in either a representative or Special Government Employee capacity. The CAC establishes subject-specific subcommittees or working groups as circumstances warrant. Working groups analyze issues specified by the FCC and make recommendations to the full Committee. From time to time, working groups may consult with FCC staff and/or other subject matter experts which helps to better inform recommendations to the full Committee, which upon deliberation, may recommend to the Commission. With respect to cost, the Commission supports plenary committee meetings plus many working group meetings during the fiscal year. In addition to FCC personnel salary and benefits, significant part of the cost relates to facilities/AV/internet broadcast, meeting transcripts, captioning, and other accessibility-related expenses such as production of meeting materials in Braille, sign language interpreters for people who are deaf, and computer assisted real-time translation for people who are hard of hearing. Other costs also include remote meeting platform services.


Outcome Improvement To Health Or Safety*NoAction Reorganize Priorities*No
Outcome Trust In GovernmentNoAction Reallocate ResourcesNo
Outcome Major Policy ChangesYesAction Issued New RegulationsNo
Outcome Advance In Scientific ResearchNoAction Proposed LegislationNo
Outcome Effective Grant MakingNoAction Approved Grants Or Other PaymentsNo
Outcome Improved Service DeliveryYesAction OtherYes
Outcome Increased Customer SatisfactionYesAction CommentAt the Commission’s request in FY2020 the CAC provided advice on whether and how data collected by the Commission might provide insight on the effectiveness of call-blocking solutions, on how providers might improve caller ID authentication services and how best to educate consumers on caller ID service options, and on the Commission's Truth-in-Billing rules.
Outcome Implement Laws/Reg RequirementsYesGrants Review*No
Outcome OtherNoNumber Of Grants Reviewed0
Outcome CommentnoneNumber Of Grants Recommended0
Cost Savings*NoneDollar Value Of Grants Recommended$0.00
Cost Savings CommentN/AGrants Review CommentN/A
Number Of Recommendations*23Access Contact Designated Fed. Officer*Yes
Number Of Recommendations CommentThree recommendations in FY2020. See detail in reports section of database for dates and topics of recommendations adopted during this reporting period.Access Agency WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented*33.00%Access Committee WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented CommentRecommendations were implemented regarding robocalls.Access GSA FACA WebsiteNo
% of Recs Partially Implemented*0.00%Access PublicationsYes
% of Recs Partially Implemented CommentSome recommendations made by the Committee have been considered, but final action on the matter is still pending before the Commission. Therefore, we cannot predict at this time the impact of many of the Committee's recommendations.Access OtherYes
Agency Feedback*YesAccess CommentThe meetings of the Committee are routinely broadcast live on the internet and are archived for future viewing. During this Committee term, The Committee's outreach has been expanded through social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
Agency Feedback Comment*At each plenary meeting of the Committee, The Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau and the Senior Management team brief members of the Committee to the extent possible concerning the status of committee Recommendations. In addition, from time to time, Commissioners and other FCC staff address the committee and are available for questions. We always welcome ideas about how we can add value to these updates..Narrative Description*The Consumer Advisory committee is chartered to provide advice to the FCC concerning matters within the jurisdiction of the Commission. Its recommendations are filed as comments in open proceedings before the Commission, are sometimes filed as ex parte communications if necessary, and are sent to all Commissioners. Recommendations are also submitted to relevant subject matter staff.
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Payments to Non-Federal Members* Est Payments to Non-Fed Members Next FY* 
Payments to Federal Members* Est. Payments to Fed Members Next FY* 
Payments to Federal Staff*$290,000.00Estimated Payments to Federal Staff*$300,000.00
Payments to Consultants* Est. Payments to Consultants Next FY* 
Travel Reimb. For Non-Federal Members* Est Travel Reimb Non-Fed Members nextFY* 
Travel Reimb. For Federal Members* Est Travel Reimb For Fed Members* 
Travel Reimb. For Federal Staff* Est. Travel Reimb to Fed Staff Next FY* 
Travel Reimb. For Consultants* Est Travel Reimb to Consultants Next FY* 
Other Costs$7,000.00Est. Other Costs Next FY*$7,000.00
Total Costs$297,000.00Est. Total Next FY*$307,000.00
Federal Staff Support (FTE)*2.75Est. Fed Staff Support Next FY*2.75
Cost RemarksDue to the COVID-19 Pandemic, two meetings were held virtually in FY2020.Est Cost RemarksDue to the COVID-19 Pandemic, some meetings may be held virtually in FY2021.
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Interest Areas

Applied Science
Small Business
Business and Domestic Commerce
Civil Rights
Civil Rights
Native Americans
Broadcasting and Communications
Computer Technology
Information Technology
Eligibility Programs
Social Services
Emergency Preparedness and Management
Earthquake, Flood, and Fire Hazards and Administration
Federal Employment
Public Services
Federal Government
State Government
Health Care
Public Health
Regulatory Negotiation
Health and Health Research
Science and Technology
Social Sciences
Social Sciences


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Data from Previous Years

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 COM-002801Consumer Advisory Committee2016
 COM-003885Consumer Advisory Committee2015
 COM-004732Consumer Advisory Committee2014
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 COM-007070Consumer Advisory Committee2012
 COM-007839Consumer Advisory Committee2011
 COM-008976Consumer Advisory Committee2010
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 COM-012025Consumer Advisory Committee2007
 COM-012953Consumer Advisory Committee2006
 COM-013894Consumer Advisory Committee2005
 COM-014627Consumer Advisory Committee2004
 COM-015641Consumer Advisory Committee2003
 COM-016613Consumer/Disability Telecommunications Advisory Committee2002
 COM-017705Consumer/Disability Telecommunications Advisory Committee2001