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Note: An Annual Comprehensive Review, as required by §7 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, is conducted each year on committee data entered for the previous fiscal year (referred to as the reporting year). The data for the reporting year is not considered verified until this review is complete and the data is moved to history for an agency/department. See the Data From Previous Years section at the bottom of this page for the committee’s historical, verified data.

TRES - 1254 - Art Advisory Panel of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue - Agency Authority


Committee NameArt Advisory Panel of the Commissioner of Internal RevenueAgency NameDepartment of the Treasury
Fiscal Year2020Committee Number1254
Original Establishment Date11/24/1967Committee StatusChartered
Actual Termination Date Committee URL
New Committee This FYNoPresidential Appointments*No
Terminated This FYNoMax Number of Members*25
Current Charter Date1/30/2020Designated Fed Officer Position Title*Director, Art Appraisal Services
Date Of Renewal Charter1/30/2022Designated Federal Officer Prefix
Projected Termination Date Designated Federal Officer First Name*Robin
Exempt From Renewal*NoDesignated Federal Officer Middle NameB.
Specific Termination AuthorityDesignated Federal Officer Last Name*Lawhorn
Establishment Authority*Agency AuthorityDesignated Federal Officer Suffix
Specific Establishment Authority*AGENDesignated Federal Officer Phone*(904) 661-3198
Effective Date Of Authority*11/24/1967Designated Federal Officer Fax*
Exempt From EO 13875 Discretionary CmteNot ApplicableDesignated Federal Officer Email*
Committee Type*Continuing
Committee Function*Non Scientific Program Advisory Board


Agency Recommendation*Continue
Legislation to Terminate RequiredNo
Legislation StatusNot Applicable
How does cmte accomplish its purpose?*The Art Advisory Panel is the focal point of the Service's art valuation activity. The Panel provides advisory recommendations which assist the IRS in evaluating the acceptability of personal property appraisals submitted by taxpayers in support of fair market value claims on works of art reported on Federal income, estate, and gift tax returns in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. IRM 4.48.2 requires that all taxpayer cases selected for audit that contain artwork with a claimed value of $50,000 or more per item be referred to Art Appraisal Services (AAS) for review, whose staff determines referrals to the Art Panel. The Panel meets to review the valuations on these individual artworks submitted. AAS does not reveal the tax consequences, taxpayer's identity, or appraiser to ensure the Panel's objectivity. At the meetings, the Panel members are provided with information from the taxpayer's appraisal and any other supporting evidence AAS has developed. The Panel's recommendations are then reviewed by AAS staff. The recommendations are then associated with the staff's findings to determine a final IRS valuation. AAS develops and provides a report for both the referring employee and the taxpayer outlining the research and the Panel's recommendation to enhance their understanding of the valuation determination. Since the Panel reviews tax return information, specifics cannot be provided due to disclosure restrictions. However, a summary of the Panel's recommendations is published annually.
How is membership balanced?*Members of the Art Advisory Panel are chosen for their expertise in specific art areas based upon their experience or scholarship. They are also chosen for their reputation and recognition in the art world, and are usually prominent art dealers or directors and curators from the top museums in the country with experience in the valuation of high end art. The Panel is balanced to provide varied points of view. A balance of memberships is sought in numerous areas: specific art areas (for example, American, Contemporary, Old Masters, Impressionist and Modern, prints, etc.); market experience; points of view; public and private sector; and geography, for example. Since the Panel's purpose is to provide recommendations of the fair market value of specific art objects optimal representation of and experience in divergent seller and buyer perspectives is sought. Consideration is also given to geographic balance, and representation by women and minorities.
How frequent & relevant are cmte mtgs?*The Art Panel's meetings are of paramount importance and very relevant, since it is at these meetings that they review and discuss the values of works of art reported on federal tax returns. The Fine Arts Panel usually has two meetings annually . The Decorative Arts Panel did not meet during 2017. The items reviewed depend on what area offices have submitted since the last meeting. The Art Advisory Panel has been in existence since 1968 and has proven to be an effective and efficient system to monitor the area of art valuation claims.
Why advice can't be obtained elsewhere?*The Art Advisory Panel is critical for effective tax administration since the area of art valuation is particularly specialized and potentially subject to abuse. The excellent reputation and credibility the Service enjoys in this difficult area is a direct result of the Art Advisory Panel's contributions. Its membership is comprised of highly respected members of the art community. As noted previously the Panel is the focal point of most servicewide art valuation activity. IRS field offices must refer all income, estate and gift tax cases which involve claimed values of $50,000 or more to Art Appraisal Services for presentation to the Panel in the appropriate specialty areas.The Art Panel is an effective and cost efficient method of dealing with this area. The Panelists receive no compensation other than travel and per diem. Today, no Service personnel have the range of technical expertise represented on the Art Panel; it would be extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive for the Service to recruit individuals of such expertise on a permanent basis. The alternative of using independent contract appraisers would also be more costly and would not have the same credibility in the art community. To assemble a group of similar expertise and prestige through normal government contracting procedures would also be impossible because art museum personnel are prohibited from making outside appraisals; most distinguished art dealers are members of dealers' associations which prohibit appraisals outside their association; and major auction houses cannot appraise outside their firms. Assuming some type of group could be assembled the direct costs would be exhorbitant. Indirect costs would also be material, such as those incurred through additional unagreed cases resulting from the reduced prestige of an alternative Panel in the eyes of the art community.
Why close or partially close meetings?All meetings held by this committee deal with matters listed in section 552b(c)(3), (4), (6) and (7) of Title 5 of the United States Code..
Recommendation RemarksN/A


Outcome Improvement To Health Or Safety*NoAction Reorganize Priorities*No
Outcome Trust In GovernmentYesAction Reallocate ResourcesYes
Outcome Major Policy ChangesNoAction Issued New RegulationsNo
Outcome Advance In Scientific ResearchNoAction Proposed LegislationNo
Outcome Effective Grant MakingNoAction Approved Grants Or Other PaymentsNo
Outcome Improved Service DeliveryYesAction OtherNo
Outcome Increased Customer SatisfactionYesAction CommentNot Applicable
Outcome Implement Laws/Reg RequirementsYesGrants Review*No
Outcome OtherNoNumber Of Grants Reviewed0
Outcome CommentNot ApplicableNumber Of Grants Recommended0
Cost Savings*More Than $10,000,001Dollar Value Of Grants Recommended$0.00
Cost Savings CommentThe data provided is based upon the life of the committee.Grants Review CommentNA
Number Of Recommendations*3,192Access Contact Designated Fed. Officer*Yes
Number Of Recommendations CommentThe Panel reviewed and made recommendations on the value of 3,192 items since tracking them by fiscal year (FY) in FY 2011.Access Agency WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented*81.80%Access Committee WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented CommentThe recommendations of the Art Advisory Panel are reviewed and incorporated into final IRS valuations by Art Appraisal Services. This represents the average percentage of Panel recommendations fully implemented since tracking them by fiscal year (FY) in FY 2011.Access GSA FACA WebsiteYes
% of Recs Partially Implemented*18.20%Access PublicationsYes
% of Recs Partially Implemented CommentThis represents the average percentage of Panel recommendations partially implemented since tracking them by fiscal year (FY) in FY 2011.Access OtherNo
Agency Feedback*YesAccess CommentN/A
Agency Feedback Comment*To monitor the disposition of cases reviewed by the Art Advisory Panel a response form tracking the outcome is included with each case recommendation. In addition, there are general follow-up discussions at the meetings.Narrative Description*The Art Advisory Panel provides advisory recommendations to the Service which assist in the review of Service-selected cases involving taxpayer valuations of fine and decorative arts. The Art Advisory Panel provides an essential service and is an extremely cost-effective vehicle in IRS's efforts to deal with an area susceptible to abuse.
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Payments to Non-Federal Members* Est Payments to Non-Fed Members Next FY* 
Payments to Federal Members* Est. Payments to Fed Members Next FY* 
Payments to Federal Staff*$122,860.00Estimated Payments to Federal Staff*$135,000.00
Payments to Consultants* Est. Payments to Consultants Next FY* 
Travel Reimb. For Non-Federal Members*$0.00Est Travel Reimb Non-Fed Members nextFY*$10,000.00
Travel Reimb. For Federal Members* Est Travel Reimb For Fed Members* 
Travel Reimb. For Federal Staff*$0.00Est. Travel Reimb to Fed Staff Next FY*$13,500.00
Travel Reimb. For Consultants* Est Travel Reimb to Consultants Next FY* 
Other Costs Est. Other Costs Next FY* 
Total Costs$122,860.00Est. Total Next FY*$158,500.00
Federal Staff Support (FTE)*0.84Est. Fed Staff Support Next FY*0.84
Cost RemarksEst Cost Remarks
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Interest Areas

Arts and Humanities
Federal Government


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