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Committee Detail

Note: An Annual Comprehensive Review, as required by §7 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, is conducted each year on committee data entered for the previous fiscal year (referred to as the reporting year). The data for the reporting year is not considered verified until this review is complete and the data is moved to history for an agency/department. See the Data From Previous Years section at the bottom of this page for the committee’s historical, verified data.

HHS - 25136 - American Health Information Community - Authorized by Law


Committee NameAmerican Health Information CommunityAgency NameDepartment of Health and Human Services
Fiscal Year2009Committee Number25136
Original Establishment Date7/28/2005Committee StatusTerminated
Actual Termination Date12/31/2008Committee URL
New Committee This FYNoPresidential Appointments*No
Terminated This FYYesMax Number of Members*18
Current Charter Date7/28/2007Designated Fed Officer Position Title*Executive Director, AHIC
Date Of Renewal Charter Designated Federal Officer PrefixMs.
Projected Termination Date Designated Federal Officer First Name*Judith
Exempt From Renewal*NoDesignated Federal Officer Middle Name
Specific Termination AuthoritySecretarial FACA; change in administrationDesignated Federal Officer Last Name*Sparrow
Establishment Authority*Authorized by LawDesignated Federal Officer Suffix
Specific Establishment Authority*EO 13335Designated Federal Officer Phone*(202) 205-4528
Effective Date Of Authority*7/28/2005Designated Federal Officer Fax*202-205-8795
Exempt From EO 13875 Discretionary Cmte Designated Federal Officer Email*
Committee Type*Continuing
Committee Function*Other Committee


Agency Recommendation*Terminate
Legislation to Terminate RequiredNo
Legislation Status 
How does cmte accomplish its purpose?*The AHIC advises the Secretary of HHS and recommends specific actions to achieve a common interoperability framework for health IT and serves as a forum for participation from a broad range of stakeholders to provide input on achieving interoperability of health IT.
How is membership balanced?*7 Public Sector Members. 11 Private Sector Members.
How frequent & relevant are cmte mtgs?*AHIC Meetings may be held up to 12 times per year, at the call of the Designated Federal Official, who shall also provide the meeting agenda.
Why advice can't be obtained elsewhere?*The AHIC is required to advise the Secretary concerning efforts to develop information technology standards and achieve interoperability of health IT so the President's health IT goals can be achieved. At the Secretary's request, the AHIC may provide advice on related matters pertaining to health IT.
Why close or partially close meetings?N/A
Recommendation RemarksAHIC's first meeting was on October 7, 2005. All information on AHIC and AHIC subcommittees can be viewed on the AHIC website at
No annual report was required for this fiscal year.


Outcome Improvement To Health Or Safety*YesAction Reorganize Priorities*Yes
Outcome Trust In GovernmentNoAction Reallocate ResourcesNo
Outcome Major Policy ChangesYesAction Issued New RegulationsNo
Outcome Advance In Scientific ResearchNoAction Proposed LegislationNo
Outcome Effective Grant MakingNoAction Approved Grants Or Other PaymentsNo
Outcome Improved Service DeliveryNoAction OtherNo
Outcome Increased Customer SatisfactionNoAction CommentNA
Outcome Implement Laws/Reg RequirementsYesGrants Review*No
Outcome OtherNoNumber Of Grants Reviewed0
Outcome CommentNANumber Of Grants Recommended0
Cost Savings*Unable to DetermineDollar Value Of Grants Recommended$0.00
Cost Savings CommentNAGrants Review CommentNA
Number Of Recommendations*188Access Contact Designated Fed. Officer*Yes
Number Of Recommendations CommentSeven subcommittees of the American Health Information Community presented recommendations based on their charges from the Community. These subcommittees were the Electronic Health Records, Chronic Care, Consumer Empowerment, Population Health & Clinical Care Connections, Quality, Confidentiality, Privacy & Security, and Personalized Healthcare Workgroups. Of the recommendations presented, 188 were accepted by the Community for forwarding to the Secretary of HHSAccess Agency WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented*40.00%Access Committee WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented CommentImplementation of the recommendations is in process.Access GSA FACA WebsiteNo
% of Recs Partially Implemented*20.00%Access PublicationsNo
% of Recs Partially Implemented CommentImplementation of the recommendations is in process.Access OtherNo
Agency Feedback*Not ApplicableAccess CommentN/A
Agency Feedback Comment*NANarrative Description*On April 27, 2004, the President signed Executive Order 13335 (EO) announcing his commitment to the promotion of health information technology (health IT) to lower costs, reduce medical errors, improve quality of care, and provide better information for patients and physicians. In particular, the President called for widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and for health information to follow patients throughout their care in a seamless and secure manner. In the EO, the President enunciated a vision to provide leadership for the development and national implementation of an interoperable health IT infrastructure that: (a) ensures appropriate information to guide medical decisions is available at the time and place of care; (b) improves health care quality, reduces medical errors, and advances the delivery of appropriate, evidence-based medical care; (c) reduces health care costs resulting from inefficiency, medical errors, inappropriate care, and incomplete information; (d) promotes a more effective marketplace, greater competition, and increased choice through the wider availability of accurate information on health care costs, quality, and outcomes; (e) improves the coordination of care and information among hospitals, laboratories, physician offices, and other ambulatory care providers through an effective infrastructure for the secure and authorized exchange of health care information; and (f) ensures patients' individually identifiable health information is secure and protected. The EO directed the Secretary of the Department Health and Human Services (HHS) to establish within the Office of the Secretary the position of National Health Information Technology Coordinator (National Coordinator). Recognizing the need for public and private sector collaboration to achieve these goals, the EO charged the National Coordinator, to the extent permitted by law, to coordinate outreach and consultation by the relevant branch agencies (including Federal commissions) with public and private parties of interest, including consumers, providers, payers, and administrators. As a part of this collaboration, the Secretary of HHS (Secretary) hereby creates the American Health Information Community (AHIC) to: 1) advise the Secretary and recommend specific actions to achieve a common interoperability framework for health IT; and 2) serve as a forum for participation from a broad range of stakeholders to provide input on achieving interoperability of health IT. The AHIC shall advise the Secretary concerning efforts to develop information technology standards and achieve interoperability of health IT so the President’s health IT goals can be achieved. At the Secretary’s request, the AHIC may provide advice on related matters pertaining to health IT. The AHIC shall operate in a manner that is consistent with the EO, including not assuming or relying upon additional federal resources or spending to accomplish adoption of interoperable health information technology. The AHIC shall, among other things, advance and develop recommendations for the following issues: - Protection of health information through appropriate privacy and security practices. - Ongoing harmonization of industry-wide health IT standards. - Achievement of an Internet-based nationwide health information network that includes information tools, specialized network functions, and security protections for interoperable health information exchange. - Acceleration of interoperable EHR adoption across the broad spectrum of health care providers. - Compliance certification and inspection processes for EHRs, including infrastructure components through which EHRs interoperate. - Identification of health IT standards for use by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in a Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) process relevant to Federal agencies. - Identification and prioritization of specific use cases for which health IT is valuable, beneficial and feasible, such as adverse drug event reporting, electronic prescribing, lab and claims information sharing, public health, bioterrorism surveillance, and advanced research. - Succession of AHIC by a private-sector health information community initiative.
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Payments to Non-Federal Members*$0.00Est Payments to Non-Fed Members Next FY*$0.00
Payments to Federal Members*$0.00Est. Payments to Fed Members Next FY*$0.00
Payments to Federal Staff*$100,000.00Estimated Payments to Federal Staff*$0.00
Payments to Consultants*$0.00Est. Payments to Consultants Next FY*$0.00
Travel Reimb. For Non-Federal Members*$0.00Est Travel Reimb Non-Fed Members nextFY*$0.00
Travel Reimb. For Federal Members*$0.00Est Travel Reimb For Fed Members*$0.00
Travel Reimb. For Federal Staff*$0.00Est. Travel Reimb to Fed Staff Next FY*$0.00
Travel Reimb. For Consultants*$0.00Est Travel Reimb to Consultants Next FY*$0.00
Other Costs$0.00Est. Other Costs Next FY*$0.00
Total Costs$100,000.00Est. Total Next FY*$0.00
Federal Staff Support (FTE)*3.00Est. Fed Staff Support Next FY*0.00
Cost RemarksEst Cost Remarks
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Interest Areas

No interest areas selected for this committee.


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ActionCommittee System IDSubcommittee NameFiscal Year
 COM-026067Chronic Care Workgroup2009
 COM-030955Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security Workgroup2009
 COM-028595Consumer Empowerment Workgroup2009
 COM-028729Electronic Health Records Workgroup2009
 COM-028813Population Health and Clinical Care Connections Workgroup2009
 COM-027446Quality Workgroup2009


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Data from Previous Years

ActionCommittee System IDCommittee NameFiscal Year
 COM-010740American Health Information Community2008
 COM-011897American Health Information Community2007
 COM-012578American Health Information Community2006
 COM-013747American Health Information Community2005