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Note: An Annual Comprehensive Review, as required by §7 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, is conducted each year on committee data entered for the previous fiscal year (referred to as the reporting year). The data for the reporting year is not considered verified until this review is complete and the data is moved to history for an agency/department. See the Data From Previous Years section at the bottom of this page for the committee’s historical, verified data.

DHS - 84593 - Faith Based Security Advisory Council - Authorized by Law


Committee NameFaith Based Security Advisory CouncilAgency NameDepartment of Homeland Security
Fiscal Year2020Committee Number84593
Original Establishment Date7/28/2020Committee StatusChartered
Actual Termination Date Committee URL
New Committee This FYYesPresidential Appointments*No
Terminated This FY Max Number of Members*
Current Charter Date7/28/2020Designated Fed Officer Position Title*Senior Director
Date Of Renewal Charter7/28/2022Designated Federal Officer Prefix
Projected Termination Date Designated Federal Officer First Name*Kevin
Exempt From Renewal*NoDesignated Federal Officer Middle Name
Specific Termination AuthorityDesignated Federal Officer Last Name*Smith
Establishment Authority*Authorized by LawDesignated Federal Officer Suffix
Specific Establishment Authority*6 USC 451 Homeland Security ActDesignated Federal Officer Phone* 
Effective Date Of Authority*6/25/2020Designated Federal Officer Fax*
Exempt From EO 13875 Discretionary CmteNot ApplicableDesignated Federal Officer Email*
Committee Type*Continuing
Committee Function*National Policy Issue Advisory Board


Agency Recommendation* 
Legislation to Terminate Required 
Legislation Status 
How does cmte accomplish its purpose?*FBSAC shall provide organizationally independent, strategic, timely, specific and actionable advice to the Secretary through the Assistant Secretary for Partnership and Engagement, who serves as the DHS Faith Based Organization Security Coordinator on matters related to houses of worship and faith-based organization security, and the Executive Director. FBSAC serves strictly as an advisory body with the purpose of providing advice upon the request of the Secretary. FBSAC advice may include:
A. Strategy and Policy: Recommendations for the development of strategies and policies that will further the Department’s ability to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters, or other emergencies.
B. Information-sharing and Coordination: Recommendations for improving coordination and sharing of threat and security-related information, internally across the Department, externally across the Federal Government, and among state, local, tribal governments, first responders, the private and non-profit sectors, academia, and research communities.
C. Management and Implementation: Recommendations for the development and implementation of specific programs or initiatives to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism and targeted violence.
D. Evaluation and Feedback: Recommendations for the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department’s faith-based organization security programs (e.g., two-way information sharing, facilitate training, build bridges between faith-based constituencies and their law enforcement partners, address community issues or concerns, FEMA’s non-profit security grant program, security training and tools for faith-based organizations, etc.). Recommendations will also prioritize how to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from domestic and international terrorist attacks. This includes providing feedback on how DHS can address the needs of the faith- based community against evolving and future threats as they arise.
How is membership balanced?*It is anticipated that the FBSAC will consist of approximately 25 members. In order for the Secretary to fully leverage broad-ranging experience and education, the FBSAC must be professionally, technically, and culturally diverse. These members shall all be leaders found within diverse and appropriate professions and communities nationwide. The non-federal membership shall be drawn from the following fields:
Experts in houses of worship and faith-based organization security;
Faith-based leaders;
Faith-based Organization leaders; and
Faith-based news media.
How frequent & relevant are cmte mtgs?*At least twice per year.
*Committee was established, however, due to the inability to meet membership requirements no meetings took place.
Why advice can't be obtained elsewhere?*o DHS attempted to tackle faith-based security internally and found the level of expertise was insufficient. The public participation and robust representation was not present in prior attempts to provide security-related information, training and engagements for faith based organizations. No other group exists focusing on faith based security on a national scale. This council’s scope and objectives are not covered by any other existing agency or committee. To note, faith based security was a prior subcommittee of one of the DHS FACs, but terminated in a prior administration. The Acting Secretary elevated the importance of faith based security and requires a group of C-suite national leaders focus on the security of our homeland. That is the intention of this council.
Why close or partially close meetings?
Recommendation Remarkso The Faith-Based Security Advisory Council is essential to show DHS’ commitment to bolstering the safety and security of faith based organizations across the country. There is a large public interest in securing houses of worship and protecting our country from terrorist attacks on religious institutions. The Acting Secretary issued a memo requiring the creation of the interfaith council and created the new Office of Faith Based Security Coordination to provide federal support to the council. Every other option was explored by DHS and none sufficiently involved the level of expertise needed to advise on interfaith matters. The Acting Secretary decided DHS needed more public participation and the council is the only method to achieve it.


Outcome Improvement To Health Or Safety*NoAction Reorganize Priorities*No
Outcome Trust In GovernmentNoAction Reallocate ResourcesNo
Outcome Major Policy ChangesNoAction Issued New RegulationsNo
Outcome Advance In Scientific ResearchNoAction Proposed LegislationNo
Outcome Effective Grant MakingNoAction Approved Grants Or Other PaymentsNo
Outcome Improved Service DeliveryNoAction OtherNo
Outcome Increased Customer SatisfactionNoAction Comment
Outcome Implement Laws/Reg RequirementsNoGrants Review*No
Outcome OtherNoNumber Of Grants Reviewed 
Outcome CommentNumber Of Grants Recommended 
Cost Savings*Unable to DetermineDollar Value Of Grants Recommended 
Cost Savings CommentGrants Review Comment
Number Of Recommendations*0Access Contact Designated Fed. Officer*Yes
Number Of Recommendations CommentThe committee was awaiting appointment of members, therefore the committee did not meet or implement any recommendations.Access Agency WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented* Access Committee WebsiteYes
% of Recs Fully Implemented CommentThe committee was awaiting appointment of members, therefore the committee did not meet or implement any recommendations.Access GSA FACA WebsiteYes
% of Recs Partially Implemented* Access PublicationsNo
% of Recs Partially Implemented CommentThe committee was awaiting appointment of members, therefore the committee did not meet or implement any recommendations.Access OtherNo
Agency Feedback*Not ApplicableAccess Comment
Agency Feedback Comment*The committee was awaiting appointment of members, therefore the committee did not meet or implement any recommendations.Narrative Description*The committee was awaiting appointment of members, therefore the committee did not meet or implement any recommendations.
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Payments to Non-Federal Members* Est Payments to Non-Fed Members Next FY* 
Payments to Federal Members* Est. Payments to Fed Members Next FY* 
Payments to Federal Staff* Estimated Payments to Federal Staff*$200,000.00
Payments to Consultants* Est. Payments to Consultants Next FY* 
Travel Reimb. For Non-Federal Members* Est Travel Reimb Non-Fed Members nextFY* 
Travel Reimb. For Federal Members* Est Travel Reimb For Fed Members* 
Travel Reimb. For Federal Staff* Est. Travel Reimb to Fed Staff Next FY* 
Travel Reimb. For Consultants* Est Travel Reimb to Consultants Next FY* 
Other Costs Est. Other Costs Next FY*$500,000.00
Total Costs$0.00Est. Total Next FY*$700,000.00
Federal Staff Support (FTE)*2.00Est. Fed Staff Support Next FY*2.00
Cost RemarksNo costs in FY2020Est Cost Remarks
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Civil Rights
Equal Opportunity
Regulatory Negotiation
National Defense
National Security and Defense


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