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Shipping Coordinating Committee

Committee Charter Dates All Years

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Charter Date
Committee Number
Committee Name
Fiscal Year
20190412 04/12/2019159Shipping Coordinating Committee2020
20170127 01/27/2017159Shipping Coordinating Committee2017
20150209 02/09/2015159Shipping Coordinating Committee2015
20130206 02/06/2013159Shipping Coordinating Committee2013
20110225 02/25/2011159Shipping Coordinating Committee2011
20090213 02/13/2009159Shipping Coordinating Committee2009
20061208 12/08/2006159Shipping Coordinating Committee2007
20041217 12/17/2004159Shipping Coordinating Committee2005
20021211 12/11/2002159Shipping Coordinating Committee2003
20001212 12/12/2000159Shipping Coordinating Committee2001
19961209 12/09/1996159Shipping Coordinating Committee1997
19941213 12/13/1994159Shipping Coordinating Committee1995
19921223 12/23/1992159Shipping Coordinating Committee1993

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