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Defense Trade Advisory Group

Committee Charter Dates All Years

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Charter Date
Committee Number
Committee Name
Fiscal Year
20200511 05/11/2020665Defense Trade Advisory Group2020
20180511 05/11/2018665Defense Trade Advisory Group2018
20160516 05/16/2016665Defense Trade Advisory Group2016
20140521 05/21/2014665Defense Trade Advisory Group2014
20120508 05/08/2012665Defense Trade Advisory Group2012
20100506 05/06/2010665Defense Trade Advisory Group2010
20080328 03/28/2008665Defense Trade Advisory Group2008
20060314 03/14/2006665Defense Trade Advisory Group2006
20040305 03/05/2004665Defense Trade Advisory Group2004
20040304 03/04/2004665Defense Trade Advisory Group2004
20020402 04/02/2002665Defense Trade Advisory Group2002
20000303 03/03/2000665Defense Trade Advisory Group2000
19980225 02/25/1998665Defense Trade Advisory Group1998
19960306 03/06/1996665Defense Trade Advisory Group1996
19940314 03/14/1994665Defense Trade Advisory Group1994
19920228 02/28/1992665Defense Trade Advisory Group1992

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