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Help Information

Definition of Key Roles and Acronyms

Many of the acronyms and abbreviations used on this website are terms of art that originate in FACA or the Final Rule that implements FACA. Some terms are defined in the Help text associated with specific fields (viewed by hovering over the “?” symbol following the field name). A few key terms used in the database are defined here.

How Information is Organized on the Website

The website includes navigation tabs along the top of each page that provide easy access to different categories of information. Information under each tab is summarized here:

Committee Detail

The Agencies/Committees tab provides access to a list of advisory committees, by agency. To access information on a particular advisory committee, click on the name of the committee on the Agencies/Committees tab to open the Committee Detail page. Information on each advisory committee is displayed on the Committee Detail page, divided into sections for General Information, Recommendation/Justifications, Performance Measures, and Costs. A brief description of each field can be viewed on the website by hovering your cursor over the orange question mark (“?”) icon. Field names that end with “ * ” are items that are required as part of annual reporting for advisory committees. A full description of each field is provided in the FACA Database Public Access Manual.

Members, Meetings and Advisory Reports

To view information about members, meetings and advisory reports, scroll down to that section of the Committee Detail page and click on the blue button. On the new page, titled Committee Members, Meetings and Advisory Reports, click on the tab for the category of interest (e.g., Committee Members, Committee Meetings, or Committee Advisory Reports). For detail on an individual member, meeting, or advisory report, click on the Committee Detail No. to the left of the entry (in the first column).


Subcommittees that are not separately chartered, and hence do not provide advice directly to the agency, are reported in the FACA Database at the discretion of the agency. Subcommittees may be added if the agency wishes to track Subcommittee Meetings, Reports, Costs, and Members separately from the chartered (parent) committee. Subcommittee data may be added to either the subcommittee or the parent committee, but not both in order to avoid duplication (e.g., of total costs).
A list of all subcommittees, if any, associated with a committee is provided on the Committee Detail page. Subcommittee Detail, including information from past years, is available by clicking on the Committee System Id to the left of the Subcommittee Name.

Charters and Related Documents

Charters, Membership Balance Plans and other related documents are available for download under the Charters and Related Documents section of the Committee Detail page. Charters are filed every two years, unless a committee’s establishing authority specifies otherwise. Current and past charters for a committee are available for download.

Data from Previous Years

Committee data for each Fiscal Year are reviewed and verified as part of the Annual Comprehensive Review (ACR) required by FACA Sec. 7. Once verified, these data are available in this section. To view the full committee record, scroll to the bottom of the Committee Detail page to the section titled Data from Previous Years, then click on the Committee System Id to the left of the Committee Name for the Fiscal Year of interest.

Data Fields and What Each Item Means

For a full description of each of the data fields, download the FACA Database Public Access Help Manual [PDF 240KB].